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Hello viewer! My name is Siwan and I am the owner of Cardiff Meditation. Cardiff Meditation is focused on giving all kinds of people the tools they need in order to increase fulfilment, gratitude and joy, reduce stress, anxiety and depression or to improve their overall well-being.

Cardiff Meditation does this through offering inspiring workshops and 1-to-1 sessions involving meditation and also simple tips and tricks on how to release fear and negativity.

Where did Cardiff Meditation start? When I was 14 I was diagnosed with epilepsy. After experiencing one seizure after another throughout my teens and early twenties, I was determined to find an alternative way to get rid of my seizures that wouldn't involve taking more medication. I discovered meditation. After getting into meditation, I not only witnessed a decrease in my seizures but I also saw an improvement in my grades at university and numerous other benefits.

I have always been extremely fascinated with the power of mindsets and human behaviour and felt at home helping others. Therefore, after finishing my Psychology degree at Exeter University, I set out to start Cardiff Meditation.

My goal is to spotlight meditation as a road to improving well-being and mental health.