Bizbox Tech Ltd

Bizbox Tech Ltd

Revolutionising the Business Networking Sector with Innovative Web Platforms & App Technology

Country: United Kingdom

member since: Feb 23, 2018


Bizbox Tech Ltd are revolutionising the Business Networking Sector with Innovative Web Platforms & App Technology.
You can see this demonstrated in this Introbizbox Platform…

Bizbox Tech Ltd are the company behind online member benefit and networking platforms such as the new Introbizbox platform and we can build similar platforms for other organisations.

Our member benefit platforms allows users to Buy, Sell, Advertise Online and Network with each other online and via their smart phones.

You can:

Buy online via discounted Groupon style deals on the platform, under several different categories.
Sell online by creating discounted Groupon style deals for other members.
Make a request for products and services that you can not find on the deals platform in order to see what other members might be able to help you and what deals they could offer.
Advertise Products and Services or your entire business, online via Featured Deals or Advertising banners throughout the platform.
Network with other members of the platform via the members directory and communicator messenger app on the website.
The members directory allows you to find out more about other members and what deals they offer.